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Neuron Mirror

This book raises money to fight pancreatic cancer, the cancer that killed my mother and many poet friends. See our dedication and pages on those we remember and celebrate. We think this fight is a worthy cause and we hope you see the worthiness of our cause.

Michael and I have known each other over twenty years. We have read together in different bookstores, galleries, and museums. We have also worked together in the East End Poetry Workshop. We each have publication credits and we each did a small poetry book in the past, but this is our first publishing venture together.

Our underlying connection is empathy for others and for the creatures of the natural world in which we live. We think you will find poems to trigger your neurons of empathy the mirror neurons that become our humanity.


Associate Editor
"The Light of City and Sea: An Anthology of Suffolk County Poetry"
Street Press, 2006.



in Suffolk County Poetry Review, 2017.

"The Light from Saint-Denis"
in Poets 4 Paris, a bilingual commemoration, 2016.

"English Teachers Invade Vegas"
in Bards Annual, 2016.

"Athena Speaks"
in Suffolk County Poetry Review, 2016.

"Reading the Silk Road"
in Brownstone Poets, 2016.

"The Cliff"
"Once More the Beans"
in Bards Annual, 2015.

"Burma's Untold Tales"
in Bards Annual, 2014.

"A Man Who Writes"
"Raft from the Sea"
"Airborne Lens"
"For Ellen MacArthur"
in Poems in the Garden: Rebel Road 7,
Sponsored by Morgan Le Fay, Soho Letterpress, 2006

"Primal Tongues"
"Twelve Planes of Geometry"
"A Madonna For Our Time"
in The Light of City and Sea: An Anthology of Suffolk County Poetry 2006,
Edited by Daniel Thomas Moran, Suffolk County Poet Laureate, Street Press, 2006

"Two Trees"
"As It Rests Content"
in Long Island Sounds 2006, North Sea Poetry Scene Press, 2006.

"Winter Blues"
"Wise Ones Rock on Porches"
"Greek Light"
in Long Island Sounds 2005, North Sea Poetry Scene Press, 2005.

"The Perfume of Autumn"
in Touched by Eros, Live Poets Press, 2002

"Lost in Rwanda"
a poem in Hope, 1995.

"House Special"
a poem in In Autumn: An Anthology of Long Island Poetry, 1994.


Haiku, "Barn Swallow"
South Fork Naturalist, Autumn, 2011.

"To the Woman Whose Eyes Are Purple,"
"What I Need"
"A Lover's Game,"
poems, Pegasus, Summer, Fall, Winter, 1994.

a poem, EIDOS, Autumn 1994.

"Flower of the Amazon,"
a poem, Nassau Review, 1994.

"Indefinite With Shadow,"
a poem, Minetta Review, April, 1992.

"House Special" and "The Wall,"
poems in Long Island Quarterly, Summer 1991, Autumn 1991.

"The Snake,"
a poem, Minetta Review, April 1989.


"The Sacrifice of the Lilies"
a book of my poetry, Tree House Press, 1985.


"Neuron Mirror"
        with Michael Walsh: a book of Poems., July 2014.
Proceeds will go to Pancreatic Cancer Research


Poems by Virginia Walker

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