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        Selected Poems
        by Virginia Walker

An egret on newly cut phragmites, . . .
Eating Lemon Bread   (for Sylvia)

A child alone in a foreign land . . .
. . . I would gaze at the light radiance on my finger . . .
A Man Who Writes

for Raul Rivero

Other Poems

The Sacrifice of the Lilies

I used to dream I was a deer, ...
     The Clock
When I was a child we had a clock,
not elaborate, with a maid and man,
vanishing and reappearing, on cue
. . .

Poems from

Neuron Mirror
by Virginia Walker
& Michael Walsh

Waiting for the Butterfly
I have a new digital camera
but no patience at being very still . . .
Her Herbarium
. . . Electronic pages, turning
at my finger glide, . . .
A Madonna for Our Time
. . . Rockets flare to ashes . . .
Reading the Silk Road
. . .
Mountains and deserts isolate communities,
peaceful cultures flourishing . . .

"And so here in this dense yet elegant collection
we see the perspective from two sides of the mirror:
  • Walker, the poet informed by science , and
  • Walsh, the scientist informed by poetry.
Both are alchemists of their craft."

From the Introduction, by Daniel Thomas Moran

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In memorium,
Michael Walsh
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Poems by Virginia Walker

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In memorium, Michael Walsh