Third Prize Poem
Poetry Contest to Benefit the Lustgarten Foundation

Poem written by Cecilia Crittenden, O.P. (deceased),
Submitted by her friends
Barbara and Ray Bozzello
of Hampton Bays
		It is with a grateful heart that I thank 
		each of you for your continued prayers and support. 
		I appreciate so much your cards, prayers, and Mass enrollments. 
		As I live through these days I find myself writing about 
		the experience of living with cancer and I would like to 
		share with you the following:

Prayers are falling out of the mouths
of friends and strangers
filling up the void
between heaven and earth
seeking miracles,
healing of affliction,
a remedy to save my life.
Prayer surrounds me,
a staff to lean upon for strength,
a cloud to hide me from despair,
a pillar of fire to guide me
through the dark.
Prayer lifts me out of my diminished self,
carries me on subtle wings
to resting on the arms of God.
Cecilia Crittenden, O.P.
Sr. Cecilia Crittenden was a nun in the order of the Dominican Sisters of the Sick and Poor (now Dominican Sisters of Hope) where she was a spiritual counselor in health care services.

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