In memorium

Michael Walsh

Michael Walsh, the co-author of Neuron Mirror, died in early May, 2015. He was 65.

Virginia Walker has lost a wonderful friend, a brilliant poet, and a person with whom she enjoyed many wonderful conversations. Virginia will carry on the work that Michael Walsh and she began with the publication of Neuron Mirror. The book, celebrating and remembering the lives of five people who died of pancreatic cancer, will also become a testament of remembrance to Michael's poetic gifts. All proceeds from the sale of their poetry book will go to pancreatic cancer research.

A Memorial was held on September 13, at the Rogers Memorial Library, Coopers Farm Path, Southampton,

Below one of Michaels's last poems,

"Looking Glass"

from "Neuron Mirror".

(more coral)

Looking Glass by Michael Walsh
I see coral purple as love poetry, and the polyp himself, beautiful stone-maker that he is. I see ciliated wrigglers, spooling ooze and touching circumspectly; green water pumpers and sliding pink limpets; broadcasting squid; walkabout feather-stars; libido everywhere, slipping in and out; an oversized fish with a melancholy lip; a jumpy dinoflagellate; cool-as-the-moon sea-squirts, and see-through jellyfish, open minds of the sea, lovely apprehenders, entirely sentient: like pale octopus, a friend of mine, a blithe spirit: and like myself, out-of-tentacle, riding the smooth water, glassy-eyed over my own blue past.

poem by Michael Walsh
from Neuron Mirror

Memorial for Michael Walsh at the Rogers Memorial Library, Southampton, NY on September 13, 2015:
  • Back row, left to right: sister-in-law, James Walsh (brother), John Walsh (brother), niece and nephew.
  • Front row, left to right: Lori Walsh (sister-in-law), Mary Walsh (Michael's mother), Pat Walsh (sister),
            Virginia Walker, and a niece.

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In memorium,
Michael Walsh